• Automated Storage

    The use of automated storage enables the management, optimisation and increased productivity of warehouse processes as well as the handling and movement of goods in any of their productive phases (primary material, work in progress or finished product). The option of giving intelligent movement to cranes, and using automatic trolleys or stacker cranes, allows us to offer solutions which are closely tailored to the needs of each client.

  • SGA

    The use of Computer Systems for Storage Management allows a significant increase in productivity, given that these systems provide operators with tools based around portable WiFi-enabled terminals which guide them in the processes of storage, ensuring efficient movements. Particularly worth highlighting are technologies such as “pick to voice” which, when combined with these systems, enables operators to carry out their tasks hands-free. These systems enable a high level of precision in warehouse inventories. The use of bar codes, datamatrix codes or RFID codes allows for the locating of material in real time.