• Configurator

    This is a software tool which allows industrial companies to manage personalised products. It is designed for companies offering products with multiple options and combinations (for example, different functions, finishes, measurements…)

    This software is used in the commercial domain, enabling price calculations and the creation of offers for these personalised products. Within this area they are generally known as CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote).

  • BI (Business Intelligence)

    Organisations currently handle a volume of data that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. As a consequence of this, the capacity to collect data and information has increased on a daily basis and is now an essential asset of organisations.

    Business Intelligence involves managing data which can be transformed into knowledge of the business through the visualisation of correlations, associations, classifications, regressions and predictions.

    One of the most important challenges is analysing unstructured data which can occasionally have a very high value and can also be analysed in real time in order to predict trends and adjust company strategies accordingly, as well as being able to answer multiple questions made by commercial managers in the space of a few clicks.