• Complex ERP Structures

    Management software with extraordinary functions in the area of manufacture (such as the configuration of products, structures and routes, detailed analysis of costs, tool management, connection with CAD tools, management of machine preparation times and so on).

  • Automatic Lines

    The provision of automatic lines, which enable the carrying-out of operations on the product or the assembly of the finished product, guarantee high productivity combined with high levels of quality, both which are essential for meeting the demands of the market. These projects are carried out as “turnkey projects”, carried out in a specific way for each client and each concrete case.

  • Virtual Cells

    The provision of flexible cells which enable the elaboration of various concatenated operations on the product, making these work in a linear, automatic way through the use of transporters uniting each one of these processes, guarantees high productivity combined with the high levels of quality that are required by the demands of the market. These projects are carried out as “turnkey projects”, carried out in a specific way for each client and each concrete case.

  • M2M

    Machine-to-machine represents the most basic concept of industrial digitalisation, providing technologies and solutions which enable dialogue and guarantee communication between machines. Through this method, it is possible to collect all of the information that a machine controls for its storage, analysis and subsequent treatment. In this regard, the possibilities for communication and the protocols offered by each device are crucial. In this offer, it is possible to guarantee the provision of applications which resolve the problematic M2M regardless of the manufacturer or machine mode used by the client. The combined capacities of the Alliance allow us to offer additional high added-value mechanisms in this field, such as the “Plug & Work” operative for fibre optic rings with wax seconded by operation time and support for communication networks based around “Time-aware” determinist Ethernet.

  • Sensors

    One of the characteristics of the digitalisation of industrial plants is the power of having real-time information about parameters intervening in the plant. The heterogeneity in areas of production that involve sensors, actuators, communication networks and even operators is very broad. Sensor caption is addressed through a prism of intelligent “fusion” of information. To achieve this, mechanisms are used which allow both a direct connection with production equipment (OTs) and with PLCs, with the aim of being able to extract valuable data for the client in regard to this process, such as direct connections of different types of sensors, regardless of the control infrastructure implemented. This enables the use of unobtrusive implementations.

  • Collaborative Robotics

    The use of robotics as an element in handling products or the carrying out of process operations is decisive in increasing the productivity of manufacturing. Collaborative robots also provide support to the elaboration of manual operations, working together with the operator carrying these out.

  • OEE

    The OEE is the indicator which measures the productive efficiency of machines or productive centres, and that of the industrial plant. This is the indicator par excellence on which continual improvement plans are based. In current manufacturing, it is essential to measure, visualise and control this indicator. The joint offer of the Alliance offers methods of analysis, configuration and monitoring of this parameter. These combined tools offer, in a distinctive manner, an optimum infrastructure for plant processes aimed towards OEE analysis in real time. In the same way, the “machine learning” automatic learning packages for the analysis of OEE can work independently on intelligent devices used in plants and can also be connected to external applications.

  • CPPS (Cyber-Physical Production System)

    The heterogeneity in areas of production that involve sensors, actuators, communication networks and even operators is very broad. This concept, which combines means of production with electronic devices and communications has come to be known in many different fora as Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS). The interconnection in terms of sensors, computation and networks requires a new imagining of equipment. At the Alliance, we have opted for a solution based on intelligent devices with a strong capacity for calculations which enable a direct connection with production equipment (OTs) as well as with PLCs, with the aim of being able to extract valuable data for the client relating to this process. In addition, these tools enable direct connections to sensors of different types, independently of the control infrastructure implemented, which helps many designs to achieve an unobtrusive implementation.

  • PLC

    Traditional PLCs, which are very effective in control processes, have become yet another part of CPPS. This has traditionally been the most commonly-used element of control in any automation process and has been used as a traditional element for the collection of electric signals which give information about the process.

    Although the PLCs of many different manufacturers are widely supported by the Alliance’s tools, given their limited flexibility and processing capacity in many projects we opt for a mixed solution integrating intelligent tools which allow a direct connection with production equipment (OTs) and with sensors of different types, together with the plant processing capacity (“Edge”), Enterprise (corporate) and Cloud.

  • DNC (Direct Numerical Control)

    The DNC system includes a functionality for transferring CNC programmes to any numerical control machine via RS-232C or Radio-Modem.

    We can communicate any CNC on the market: Fagor, Fanuc, Siemens, Heindenhain, Fidia, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol and others. We can communicate both normal programmes and infinite programmes for stamping and moulding.

  • Artificial Vision

    The provision of automated inspection facilities which enable quality control of the product manufactured within the production lines and within the time cycle is a guarantee which enables a guarantee of the complete quality of the product delivered to the client. These are “turnkey projects” which are specifically designed for each premises and client. The majority of them use vision technology as the basis for capturing information to be analysed.

  • Monitorisation

    Monitorisation of plant equipment allows integrated access to all of the information generated by different equipment and plant machinery and allows decisions to be made in real time.

    A plant monitorisation system manages all of the information involved in the productive process: manufacturing orders, staff or the status of machines and processes, including incidents and alerts. It also provides the means for the integration of information obtained through machines with management applications (ERP and MES).

    Among the typical features of a system with these characteristics are: the collection of plant data in real time, process modelling and the visualisation of production lines and the creation of dashboards, personalised according to the required indicators of the plant.

  • IoT(Internet of Things)

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) grants industrial clients the opportunity to unlock and understand the true value of data and to use this intelligence in an efficient and effective manner to optimise system operation and improve productivity. However, evolving into an intelligent company involves fusing extremely diverse technologies in such a way that the resulting implementation offers a truly tangible added value as opposed to increased frustration.

    The Alliance tackles the challenge of acquiring, processing, communicating and securing these data, making use of specialised IIoTs software platforms and intelligent Gateway devices which are capable of interacting with the heterogeneity of the IIoT ecosystem of devices and standards.