• Datamatrix

    The MES solution offered incorporates material monitoring utilities based on their identification, the use of labels with bar codes or datamatrix codes. The use of these labels avoids human error in product identification and streamlines the process of identification and locating of materials, even on a unit level.

  • RFID

    Material monitoring with identification based on the use of RFID technology. This technology can be applied to any of its facets (active or passive TAGs and GEN2 HF and UHF technologies).

    These systems help the productivity of the process as they do not require a manual reading of the element. They can be based on the automatic reading of these elements through the simple fact of having passed through the radius of activity of the antenna that traces them. This technology has been created for the mass reading of elements, even at a unit level, which can be used to significantly improve productivity and process control.

  • Traceability

    The MES solution offered incorporates a traceability control module which can be used to discover the history of each product manufactured and even that of its versions and components, plus the processes through which it has passed, the work parameters that these processes have had, which operators intervened in its manufacture, with which materials it was manufactured, as well as what the results of the manufacturing tests on the same products were.

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) grants industrial clients the opportunity to unlock and understand the true value of data and to use this intelligence in an efficient and effective manner to optimise system operation and improve productivity. However, evolving into an intelligent company implies fusing extremely diverse technologies in such a way that the resulting implementation offers a truly tangible added value as opposed to increased frustration.

    The Alliance tackles the challenge of acquiring, processing, communicating and securing these data, making use of specialised IIoTS software platforms and intelligent Gateway devices which are capable of interacting with the heterogeneity of the IIoT ecosystem of devices and standards.